Sourcing Made Simple specializes in "high-touch" recruiting for focus groups, in-depth interviews and usability labs. Our "high-touch" recruiting method includes a combination of digital screening, open-ended phone interviews, and external validation to insure that our clients have the best possible respondents for their projects. Our consultative recruiting process allows us to act as true research partners and real-time project status updates keep stakeholders informed throughout the project.

A typical project includes the following services:

  • Project consultation
  • High-touch respondent recruiting & articulation screening
  • 24/7 Real-time project status updates
  • Management of complex recruiting quotas
  • Mid-project criteria adjustment
  • Real-time recruiting updates
  •  Project debrief

Panel Development & Management

Sourcing Made Simple recruits targeted consumer panels to support market research objectives. In addition to recruiting, we can handle screener development, incentives disbursements and post mortem summary based on observed trends.

On-site Assistance

We provide on-site assistance for handling the multiple non-research tasks that crop up on research days. Our courteous, experienced staff will take care of respondent logistics, phone calls, and other ad hoc services as needed.

Incentives Disbursement

We process incentive checks and other non-monetary awards for respondents.

Phone Interviews

Sourcing Made Simple can affordably expand your sample size for a given project or even conduct a follow-up phase of questioning through qualitative phone interviews. Our staff is well-trained in qualitative interviewing techniques. This training, combined with our extensive phone interviewing experience, lets us deliver excellent value in supplementary insights for your project.

Screener Development

Sourcing Made Simple staff is available to draft detailed screeners according to our client's recruiting goals. Our extensive history in recruiting and interviewing allows us to deliver effective recruiting documents for your project based on demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal criteria.